Tom Izzo: the importance of a player coached team

Leadership is a lot like ownership. If you care about your possesions you will want to keep them nice and maybe even upgrade them. Before the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament some of Wisconsin’s players ran into Tom Izzo on a day off before the first round in St Louis. Nigel Hayes asked Izzo what was the secret to the Spartans success in March.

“Izzo told Hayes that Michigan State’s success was about former players staying in touch with the team’s current ones, explaining the expectations of being a Spartan, but even more, it’s about having a player-coached team. He proceeded to detail what exactly he meant by that, talking about players willing to be in charge in practice, in the locker room, in the dorms, at the team hotel, on the charter, essentially from the first minute of the day until the last.”

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