Teaching and Coaching Philosophy – Gary Pinkel

From the recently retired and very succesful Gary Pinkel. He built Mizzou into one of the strongest programs in college sports.

The University of Missouri Coaching and Teaching Responsobility and Philosophy

  1. Let Your Players Know That You Care About Them!
    1. Trust is earned, Not Guaranteed.
    2. Communication is the most important thing between you and your players.
      Developing a great relationship is vital for our team success.
  2. Lead By Example. Be A Good Role Model To Your Players
    1. Honest = Respect = Loyalty.
    2. If you’re not 100% honest, you will have no credibility.
  3. You Must Get Your Position To Believe That You Are The BestĀ Coach And Teacher In The League. If The Players Don’t Believe, We Won’t Win.
  4. We Must Be Great Teachers
    1. What you see on video is what you have coached. You are a teacher!
    2. Your teaching is evaluated by your player’s performance.
    3. Professors can have A, B, C, D, F students. We must have all A’s.
    4. Keep things simple. Don’t over coach. Find the best way to teach. Teach fundamentals.
    5. Our goal is that each player masters the fundamentals at his position.
  5. We Know What Must Be Taught – Staff Growth. Improve Schemes, But Have A Philosophy And Sell It To The Players
  6. Utilize Teaching Aids
    1. Change up procedure of meetings
    2. Must use teaching aids
    3. Video Breakdown (find a way to use it).
    4. Marking Boards – accuracy of diagrams is critical – 75% of learning isĀ visual.
    5. Practice and Scrimmage Video
    6. Training Video