Jim Harbaugh is changing recruiting by having fun and not caring

Jim Harbaugh is an excellent coach and maybe even a better recruiter and promoter of his team. So many coaches make home visits, do camps, and make calls but none of them are able to maximize any exposure as well as Harbaugh. Nick Saban and Urban Myer may dance but Harbaugh will sleep over at your house and he’ll spend more time on the road at satellite camps than anyone else. Wherever he goes though, the sports writers know it and they are more than happy to add to the hype. Harbaugh can’t talk about a recruit because of NCAA rules but any recruit that gets called by a reporter is going to be happy to share the story of watching movies and playing Madden until 2am with the coach.

Harbaugh took the Wolverines to the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida as a way to change things up, he is hosting a Satellite Camp in Australia and he is planning on outworking all of the coaches that are staying at home.  He has the money to spend at Michigan which is another discussion and he has the staff to be out on the road all the time. Whatever you think about the guy, you have to agree he is making his mark.

How Jim Harbaugh is changing recruiting by not giving a…