1. Consistent effort beats having a career day every now and then. – Franklin Gomez
2. You have to be selfish in a good way – Scott Goodale
3. No technique or skill will ever overcome a lack of toughness.
4. Wrestling is a game of minimize and maximize. You have to maximize your chances to score and minimize your opponents.
5. Attention to detail dictates how well prepared you are and preparation dictates your success – Tom Minkel
6. Throw yourself at his legs and make it happen – Dan Wirnsberger
7. Success is a lifestyle – Dan Wirnsberger
8. If you can’t say something to make it better after a loss then don’t say anything – Scott Goodale
9. There is comfort in being uncomfortable – Kevin LeValley
10. When someone is pounding on your head, his legs are usually wide open but you don’t see it because you’re worried about your head.
11. Don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Mitch Clark scored 19 takedowns as a senior but he got to choose top in every match… he won the NCAA that year.
12. The margin for error in wrestling is none but you can’t fear that.
13. You have to accept that you’re going to get tired in this sport and then wrestle in a way that makes your opponent get more tired – Gable
14. A close 2nd from Gable… you can make chicken soup from chicken crap.
15. What have you got to lose? – Jim Miller
16. Does it matter as long as you believe you got better? – Jim Miller
17. Time on the clock, time to score – Joe Russell
18. The ability to maintain position separates wrestlers – Doug Blubaugh
19. Put your opponent where you want him – Robin Ersland
20. I do this for me. It’s too hard to do it for someone else. – Andy Rendos
21. You have to prepare the wrestler for the path, not the path for the wrestler. – Greg Strobel
22. If you wrestle all the time, when will you train? – John Smith
23. Hustle, something good will happen – Roger Chandler
24. How in God’s name is it possible? Everything in God’s name is possible – Joe Russell
25. Just because you sit here and pool your ignorance doesn’t make you right.
26. A positive outlook solves a lot of problems. Stance and motion solves the rest
27. No one has a copyright or patent on success, no one owns it, it’s not under lock and key – Mark Schwab
28. Coach to the top 20% they will bring the others up with them. – Ken Chertow
29. The cross face is the most useless move in wrestling. – Jeff Jordan
30. You have to make the mundane fun.
31. It’s never about the coaches.
32. You can have results or excuses but you can’t have both.
33. Be loyal – Roger Chandler
34. Work hard and trust the process – Dan Wirnsberger