Mark Schultz Front Headlock to Trapped Arm Gut Wrench

Much has been made of Mark Schultz lately, there are three movies out in the last few years one as a major motion picture, one from Flowrestling and one on Netflix. With that it has become easy to forget just how good Mark was and how much he sacrificed for his greatness. In this clip Mark teaches some technique with a young Cael Sanderson, it’s a sneaky trick but it works well.

Teaching and Coaching Philosophy – Gary Pinkel

From the recently retired and very succesful Gary Pinkel. He built Mizzou into one of the strongest programs in college sports.

The University of Missouri Coaching and Teaching Responsobility and Philosophy

  1. Let Your Players Know That You Care About Them!
    1. Trust is earned, Not Guaranteed.
    2. Communication is the most important thing between you and your players.
      Developing a great relationship is vital for our team success.
  2. Lead By Example. Be A Good Role Model To Your Players
    1. Honest = Respect = Loyalty.
    2. If you’re not 100% honest, you will have no credibility.
  3. You Must Get Your Position To Believe That You Are The Best Coach And Teacher In The League. If The Players Don’t Believe, We Won’t Win.
  4. We Must Be Great Teachers
    1. What you see on video is what you have coached. You are a teacher!
    2. Your teaching is evaluated by your player’s performance.
    3. Professors can have A, B, C, D, F students. We must have all A’s.
    4. Keep things simple. Don’t over coach. Find the best way to teach. Teach fundamentals.
    5. Our goal is that each player masters the fundamentals at his position.
  5. We Know What Must Be Taught – Staff Growth. Improve Schemes, But Have A Philosophy And Sell It To The Players
  6. Utilize Teaching Aids
    1. Change up procedure of meetings
    2. Must use teaching aids
    3. Video Breakdown (find a way to use it).
    4. Marking Boards – accuracy of diagrams is critical – 75% of learning is visual.
    5. Practice and Scrimmage Video
    6. Training Video

Izzo: We’re creating a system where kid’s can’t handle adversity

“We’re creating a system that we’re never teaching a kid how to fight through (tough times). There’s a lot of kids who should transfer for the right reasons. But 3/4 of the kids are transferring because they didn’t get enough shots, didn’t get enough ball, didn’t do this or that. We’re helping create a society of, when the going gets tough, you bolt and leave.”

Tom Thomas on the Coaching Job Search

Finding a job in coaching is not very different than other professions, you network, you apply and you follow up. Tom Thomas of the executive search firm Cardinal Advisors shared his thoughts with the American Football Coaches Association in a two minute warning podcast a few years back. Here are his notes.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Business Lessons from Amazon

Amazon is close to being valued at 3 BILLION dollars. Not bad for a relatively young company! As they approach that milestone their famously fickle CEO, Jeff Bezos shared 5 pieces of advice.

These are relevant to almost any organization and if you are looking at your team culture, taking a look at how hard Amazon and it’s employees push is a good place to start.

On Culture: There’s no one set of goals a company must be about. The point is to decide what few things are most important, repeat them often, and make sure everyone buys in.

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Jim Harbaugh is changing recruiting by having fun and not caring

Jim Harbaugh is an excellent coach and maybe even a better recruiter and promoter of his team. So many coaches make home visits, do camps, and make calls but none of them are able to maximize any exposure as well as Harbaugh. Nick Saban and Urban Myer may dance but Harbaugh will sleep over at your house and he’ll spend more time on the road at satellite camps than anyone else. Wherever he goes though, the sports writers know it and they are more than happy to add to the hype. Harbaugh can’t talk about a recruit because of NCAA rules but any recruit that gets called by a reporter is going to be happy to share the story of watching movies and playing Madden until 2am with the coach.

Harbaugh took the Wolverines to the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida as a way to change things up, he is hosting a Satellite Camp in Australia and he is planning on outworking all of the coaches that are staying at home.  He has the money to spend at Michigan which is another discussion and he has the staff to be out on the road all the time. Whatever you think about the guy, you have to agree he is making his mark.

How Jim Harbaugh is changing recruiting by not giving a…

Tom Izzo: the importance of a player coached team

Leadership is a lot like ownership. If you care about your possesions you will want to keep them nice and maybe even upgrade them. Before the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament some of Wisconsin’s players ran into Tom Izzo on a day off before the first round in St Louis. Nigel Hayes asked Izzo what was the secret to the Spartans success in March.

“Izzo told Hayes that Michigan State’s success was about former players staying in touch with the team’s current ones, explaining the expectations of being a Spartan, but even more, it’s about having a player-coached team. He proceeded to detail what exactly he meant by that, talking about players willing to be in charge in practice, in the locker room, in the dorms, at the team hotel, on the charter, essentially from the first minute of the day until the last.”

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Nick Saban:: You Don’t Have a Lot of Choices if You Want to be Great

Nick Saban has released several players from his team at Alabama this off season. As a coach, I know this is part of managing a team. You cannot let the actions of a few infect the good work of others. It comes down to choices.

“But the fact of the matter is, is if you want to be good, you really don’t have a lot of choices, because it takes what it takes. You have to do what you have to do to be successful. So you have to make choices and decisions to have the discipline and focus to the process of what you need to do to accomplish your goals.”

“All these guys that think they have a lot of choices are really sadly mistaken. And I think, as we all have done with our own children, they learn these lessons of life as they get older, and sometimes the best way to learn is from the mistakes that you make, even though we all hate to see them have to make them. And we don’t really condone them when they do.”

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